Back to the Heart

This is important:

On Thursday, we came back to the heart of HOME. That is a place free of religion and fear of man. That is a place where we are so tied together that no thing can stand against us. We came back to the first night: we were UNIFIED.

We fought against spiritual warfare with worship. Some might say it was hard, weird, and raw in the best way. Listen to the live recording if you want to hear what warfare worship sounds like.

When the songs died down, we sat in silence. The Lord moves in silence. He speaks in quiet. He makes His heart known when we still ourselves.

And here’s a glimpse of what God revealed in the silence:

What He is trying to create in Colorado Springs will require all of us as active participants. We will need the sense of urgency that God feels for His people. We will need to push when it feels uncomfortable, like we did on Thursday night.

The beautiful thing about this fight is that it will bind us together. We may be tired, but we’ll be rewarded with unity and the power and peace that comes with it. Just like the believers in Acts, we will pray together. We will be unified. And the Lord will add to our numbers every day.

After worship, we experienced this unity. We talked to each other, to get to know each other. Now that’s HOME.


The HOME Downtown Team


Jordan SerioComment