III: Holy Disruptions

I can run around in circles my whole life without once stopping to look into your eyes of fire--for I know they will demand my life; I know they will see even my darkest parts. I’m afraid of the fire, how deeply it will cleanse me with grace and mercy. I know it will change me forever.  

Sometimes, God is relentless. He won’t let a gathering in His name go on in peace until we look up to meet His eyes and meet with Him. On Thursday, God disrupted our service.  We had all come with our agendas. Some of us came to socialize, some came with their guards down knowing the plan was to hang out and connect. Turns out, Jesus wanted to connect with us first.

By the end of the service, I think we all realized that a community night was not complete until we found our best friend in the room.

A member of our congregation redirected us by encouraging us to look into the eyes of Jesus, to ask Him what He’s like. He told us that this one question will unlock freedom, not the questions we selfishly ask: How am I going to change? How can I be better? The betterment comes as a result of being so in love with the one we serve. As he said, “when we look at Jesus and say, ‘I want to know who you are and I will continue chasing after you until I find that,’ that is when true worship will spring up out of our hearts.” Our goal is not to be good enough, because Jesus already said we never would be. Our goal is to see that Jesus is in our company, and to let His grace change us forever.

Hard to believe that we sometimes overlook the God of the universe in favor of our own plans. Our lives can be perfectly planned and executed, and our intentions in fulfilling those plans may be good, just like our plans were on Thursday. But God is better. David said that one day in the courts of the Lord is better than a thousand anywhere else. That means the days, moments, that we don’t recognize God right in front of us amount to wasted time. If one day is better, imagine a life in the presence of the Lord. Everything we need stems from those aligning, defining moments with Him. We run in circles to figure ourselves and our lives out, but our paths (or plans) will never be straight until we are anchored to the one who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Thank you, God, for correcting us. Thank you for reminding us. Thank you for demanding our attention with your blazing eyes. Thank you for your grace.


The HOME Downtown Team





Jordan Serio