The First Night: Unified

“Being unified in our vulnerability is a direct attack on the enemy’s plan… Satan wants you to stay in the dark because he thinks that’s where you belong. But as soon as you step out into light, there is no more room for darkness.” – HOME Worship Leader

On Thursday night, before over 100 people arrived and crowded the pews of Boulder Street Church, we had the sense that God wanted to heal hearts. God’s plan was so much bigger than a night of worship, bigger even than the launch of a new young adults group—the result of years of prayer, vision, and anticipation.  All we had to do was let Him do what He came to do.

The power of God is within unity—when brothers and sisters in Christ, of the same mind and the same Spirit (Philippians 2:2), fight for each other in prayer.

We prayed for our brothers and sisters who were fighting loneliness, dryness, or who were standing in the place of those who do. Most of us have probably felt the dulling, callusing effects of loneliness. Maybe we think that God doesn’t hear us, or maybe we don’t feel close to Him.  Most of us have this habit of letting our present situation color our whole perspective: We take on a form of hopelessness, accepting depression or loneliness as a way of being rather than something the Lord longs to take from us. What we forget is that Jesus is as close as He’s always been, even weeping with us, just as He wept with Mary and Martha when their brother died. More than that, He sees and activates the deliverance that will bring us out of our current situation. We simply have to break out of the present and accept His deliverance. Jordan said it best when he invited people up for prayer:

“If we are feeling dry or lonely, why would we leave the same when we can change it right now? If we say yes to you [God], you are not going to leave us dry. So why are we afraid?”

We talked to a lot of people Thursday night. Most people who came were looking for the same thing—a group of people to run with. In other words, we were all of the same mind, unified by the desire for community that the Lord placed on our hearts. We think this is a confirmation that HOME is a group after God’s own heart, and that He is obviously working in it.

We hope and pray that HOME will continue to be the answer to the prayers of the lonely and those seeking unity.  

If what you need is change, if what you need is to believe in the healing power of Jesus, if what you need is to not be lonely, come to HOME.


The HOME Downtown Team

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