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We are a church located in downtown Colorado Springs. We exist to restore the city, + invite our neighborhood into the redemptive story of Jesus. We believe that God runs his kingdom through his people, + in that belief our actions take root. We are an inclusive community who’s hope is to model the life of Jesus by loving our neighbor as ourself, and inviting them into his presence.


Love the Lost + Build the Kingdom
— our mission

Jordan + Brooke serio

Pastors for teaching & vision


Our rhythm

HOME Downtown meets at 7pm every Thursday evening. One of our favorite things about service, is that the coffee is free. So after grabbing a cup, you can expect to sing songs. These songs always express our thankfulness to God. We (most of the time) hear a teaching about the life of Jesus, & when we aren’t doing that, we’re probably eating food together. If you’re interested in listening to one of our teachings, you can click the “Teachings” tab at the top and listen for free, or search us on iTunes or Spotify.

After the teaching, we normally have a time of reflection. This can go on for ten minutes or one hour. We don’t make anyone stay, though. Some of us wake up early Friday morning for work, or to change our kids diapers.

After the teaching and reflecting time, we just hang out. Sometimes that is at the church, sometimes it’s at a local restaurant. But regardless, you’re invited.

Every week you’re invited. Invited into our community, our family. We don’t really care what you believe, we just care that you’re here. We can’t wait to meet you.




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