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We are a group made for those who aren't looking to be entertained, but challenged. We are tired of the "service" driven production of church service and are creating a space where Jesus is allowed to do whatever he wants. We want to be as much like Christ as we possibly can, so we can bring his love, forgiveness, and power to those around us. We also believe church should be fun! We like to dance, laugh, and celebrate. Anyone can come experience Jesus with us. 


Love the Lost + Build the Kingdom
— our mission
Leaders: Jordan + Brooke Serio

Leaders: Jordan + Brooke Serio


We believe in active community

Too often the church has fell custom to the bubble of believers. We believe that God resides not in services, but in saints. We pursue making Jesus known by engaging our neighborhoods & communities in relationship before anything else.

It’s a topic we discuss often + its also something we live out through our community groups + events. Check out our community tab to get more information!




"The awe in children's hearts and their ability to have faith in God calls us all to a greater level of innocence and reverence in our relationship with Him. At HOME, we believe in loving the children who belong to our community, in turn giving them the slightest glimpse of the love of their Heavenly Father. Knowing the wondrous love of God, the HOME children will be free to imagine and dream of the plans He has for them."

  • Ages: six months - twelve years



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